Become a Member

Please see our Member Benefits page for a list of what is included with your membership!

Membership dues pay for:

  • A part-time director
  • Promotion of Bridger Valley business
  • Sponsoring/supporting community events
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Marketing materials
  • Newsletters
  • Information packets
  • Postage and mailing expenses


Membership Levels:

  • $50.00 1 – 3 Employees (including small non-profit entities)
  • $100.00 4 – 10 Employees (small business’s)
  • $300.00 School Districts
  • $250.00 11- 25 Employees (medium business’s)
  • $350.00 26+ Employees (large business’s)

Goals of the Bridger Valley Chamber of Commerce:

  • Be a vital force in improving the economic strength of Bridger Valley.
  • Encourage and support new business in the community.
  • Provide resources and education to support and promote business opportunities for members.
  • Persuade Bridger Valley residents to shop locally.
  • Plan a year in advance with an annual review of a five-year plan.
  • Promote tourism in the Bridger Valley.
  • Sustain and increase Chamber memberships.
  • Retain Board member commitment.
  • To grow, prosper, enjoy life and have fun in Bridger Valley!